As with previous Zomes conferences, Zomes X will last three full days, beginning in the afternoon of Feb. 4 and ending in the afternoon of Feb. 7, 2019. A total of ~50 oral presentations of 15 minutes in duration and ~2-3 keynote addresses from preeminent scholars in the field are planned.

Recognizing the important roles that Zomes complexes and the ubiquitin-proteasome system have on the regulation of protein homeostasis, the Organizing Committee has crafted an agenda that aims at highlighting the current paradigm-changing research in the field. Cutting edge efforts to eclipse the conventional realms of genetics and biochemistry will be showcased with a particular focus on human disease and specific bottlenecks that are currently being addressed with state-of-the-art technology. The specific topics and bottlenecks are:

  1. Structure, mechanisms, and roles of Zomes
  2. Regulation of Zomes function
  3. Zomes and protein quality control, misfolding and aggregation
  4. Zomes in health and disease

Tentative Meeting Schedule